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Benefits of an influencer retreat

Written by Maartje Buitelaar

Benefits of an influencer retreat

Are retreats with your community still on your vision board?
At Conscious Travel Club, we are always looking for ways to take your influencer journey to the next level. Our retreats offer unique opportunities to strengthen your community, create valuable content and establish yourself as an expert in the market. Read on to discover what we have in store for you.

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Why a retreat?

Unique offer/ exclusivity
Offer your community a unique experience. Allow your followers to meet, grow together and create unforgettable memories during exclusive retreats. This unique experience not only strengthens the bond within your community, but also provides the opportunity to connect deeper and increase your impact.

Strengthen your community
A retreat brings your community closer together and positions you as an expert in your field. This not only strengthens the bond between your followers, but also their trust and respect for you as an expert.

Valuable content
A retreat at a beautiful location is a great way to create great content.
Share your journey
Take your followers on your personal journey and inspire them. A retreat is the perfect opportunity to share your own experiences, insights and growth with your community.

Revenue model
A retreat offers a great opportunity to increase your earnings. And let’s be honest, a magical experience and making money is the perfect combo after all.


Retreat locations

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty and spiritual richness of Bali, where lush landscapes and vibrant  culture await. Experience the tranquility of ancient temples, the rejuvenating energy of lush rice terraces, and the warmth of Balinese hospitality. Indulge in a bespoke retreat tailored to your desires, complete with luxurious accommodations, expert hosts, and personalized programs. Let go, recharge, and embrace the magic of Bali.

Be enchanted by the rich culture and beautiful city of a thousand and one nights. Discover the mystical atmosphere of the ancient Medina and enjoy a luxury retreat while staying in an amazing riad.

An island infused with powerful energy and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, invites you to an unforgettable retreat experience.

Discover the enchanting island of Mallorca, where rugged mountains meet crystal-clear waters, and historic charm mingles with modern luxury. Surrender to the Mediterranean allure as you explore quaint villages, sun-kissed beaches, and vibrant markets. Our tailored retreats offer a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, with handpicked accommodations, knowledgeable hosts, and curated experiences that cater to your every need. Unwind, explore, and savor the essence of Mallorca.

All of our retreats are customized, including accommodation, retreat host, program and more, so you can be in your power and have the ultimate experience.

Other retreat location?

We provide customized retreats specifically tailored to your needs and those of your community. We would love to create a customized retreat for you!

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About Conscious Travel Club

Conscious Travel Club is the expert in organizing retreats for influencers. We take care of everything from A to Z, so you can fully focus on your sessions/workshops and your community. From location, the perfect accommodation, program to the retreat host, we take care of everything. With Conscious Travel Club by your side, you can be confident that your retreat will be taken care of in the smallest details, so you can fully focus on sharing precious moments with your community.

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