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During the Retreat Holiday, we ensure a good balance between engaging group activities and shared dinners, as well as time for personal exploration and relaxation. You will have the opportunity to participate in exciting group activities, connect with fellow travelers, and enjoy shared meals. Additionally, we understand the importance of personal time. You will have plenty of free time to pursue your own interests, explore the surroundings, or simply unwind at your own pace.

Traveling solo on our intimate Retreat Holidays can be one of the most exciting ways to experience a new destination. The majority of our group members are solo travelers, so joining one of our journeys is a great way to meet like minded people and make friends.

You are encouraged to participate in all activities, but we understand that everyone has different preferences and energy levels. Therefore, if there is an activity that you really do not enjoy or if your energy levels are too low, you have the option to take personal time.


By filling in the question form on the ”book this retreat” button. We will contact you after completing the form and will book a call with you if you are a suitable participant.

Once you confirm your booking, you will receive an email with additional information that includes important details for your Retreat Holiday. This will include pre-journey preparations, a packing list, your complete travel itinerary, and everything you need to ensure a smooth and well-prepared journey.

We would love to schedule a call with you to discuss whether this retreat suits you.


Included in the Retreat Holiday package: Accommodation, transport (specified in the itinerary), breakfast, selected lunch and dinners (specified in the itinerary), and all listed activities.

Not included in the Retreat Holiday package: Additional meals and drinks not specified in the itinerary, international flights to and from the destination, transport during your free time, travel insurance, and visa fees.

Please note that the above information may vary depending on the specific travel package or itinerary. Be sure to review the detailed inclusions and exclusions provided for your specific Retreat Holiday.

It is recommended to have a Mastercard or credit card for making payments.

On our Retreat Holidays, the cost of activities, accommodation, transport, and meals (not all meals) is already covered. However, the amount of spending money you will need for additional meals, drinks, shopping, and onward travel depends on your personal preferences and spending habits. It is best to plan accordingly based on your own budget and desired level of comfort.

Flights and insurance

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for all participants to ensure coverage for unforeseen circumstances during the Retreat Holiday. We recommend arranging travel insurance before your departure.

To ensure a smooth start to your Retreat Holiday, it is recommended to book your flight to arrive a day before the actual start date of the Retreat Holiday. This will allow you plenty of time to rest and recover from your flight before the activities begin. However, if you prefer a more relaxed pace and want to acclimate to the new country before the tour starts, you may consider arriving a few days earlier. Ultimately, the choice is yours based on your preferences and travel plans.

Your destination or airline may have vaccination or testing requirements for entry. It is important to comply with these requirements to ensure a smooth arrival and participation in your tour. We recommend consulting with your local GP for personalized advice on your travel plans. Online resources can also provide helpful information in this regard.


Please note that the information provided below is general in nature and visa requirements are subject to change. Therefore, it is always advisable to check with your local embassy or consulate before traveling.
Citizens of over 42 countries are eligible for a visa on arrival (VOA) for Bali. The VOA can be obtained upon arrival in Bali, and travelers must present the required documentation along with the visa on arrival application fee. It is necessary to have a passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity and 2 blank pages.

If you are traveling with a partner or a friend, please notify us via email. We have special pricing options and packages available for couples, allowing you to enjoy the journey together at a discounted rate. By informing us in advance, we can provide you with the necessary details and options to make your travel experience even more enjoyable.

By choosing our services, you are contributing to the local community. We prioritize working with local businesses and drivers, supporting their livelihoods and fostering sustainable tourism. You can feel good knowing that your Retreat Holiday has a positive impact on the people and places you visit.

We prioritize offering vegan and vegetarian food options during our Retreat Holiday. We understand and respect the dietary choices of our travelers, and our menus are carefully curated to accommodate a variety of preferences, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience for everyone.

The age range of participants on our Retreat Holiday with Conscious Travel Club is typically around 25-35 years old. However, we believe that age is just a number and welcome travelers who share a passion for meaningful experiences and conscious travel.

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